• Translations from and into English (British or American).
  • Personal or business documents, also regarding visa applications.
  • Tourism, hospitality and museum sector.
  • Revision of exisitng English texts.


  • The owner of A&E Translations (drs. Koop Tissingh) has been registered since 1988 as a certified translator for the Dutch and English languages, under number 327/88.
  • Legalizations can be obtained at an extra charge from the Groningen District Court.
  • Since 1999 he has also been listed in the Wbtv Register, under number 2373.
  • The Register can be consulted via the internet (link).

Work method

  • Clear arrangements about the work to be translated, costs and delivery time.
  • Good communication about the purpose of the translation and the required style.
  • Certification of the translated document in accordance with the regulations of the country for which it is intended.
  • Feedback on errors and ambiguities in the source text, if required.