(Nederlands) American politics and the elections of 2020

  • By Koop Tissingh

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Does a ‘hole in the wall’ serve food or money?

  • By Koop Tissingh

(BrE) hole in the wall = geldautomaat, flappentap (AmE) hole […]

(AmE) jail , prison and lockup are no synonyms

  • By Koop Tissingh

In Amerika zijn jail , prison en lockup geen synoniemen […]

Is the American blackbird a ‘merel’?

  • By Koop Tissingh

(BrE) blackbird = merel (a solitary bird, all black) (AmE) […]

(AmE) transcript = leerdossier

  • By Koop Tissingh

(AmE/CanE) transcript = study file = (EurE) transcript of records […]

“Staatssecretaris” is not a ” Secretary of State’

  • By Koop Tissingh

staatssecretaris = deputy minister / junior minister The best translation […]

translating “mr.”

  • By wabeheer

Since 1986, a Dutch meester in de rechten (“mr.”) is […]