• Private individuals planning to emigrate or wishing to study or work abroad;
  • Businesses and organizations with international contacts.


  • Diplomas, prospecti, official extracts, testimonials, résumés/CVs, financial statements;
  • Sales contracts, business plans, annual accounts, valuation reports, price quotations, catalog(ue)s;
  • Existing English texts are reviewed and corrected with regard to spelling, style and contents.


  • Certified personal or business documents, for visa applications and emigration purposes;
  • British as well as American English.

British or American

  • A& E Translations focuses not only on British English, but also on American English;
  • If a translation is intended for the U.S.A or (western) Canada, the American variety is preferred;
  • For countries  such as Australia and New Zealand, British English is the best option.


  • The certified translations are made by a sworn translator;
  • A short translator’s statement is provided on each page, with date and signature;
  • A cover page is provided with the translator’s details, includes signature, stamp, and seal.

Legalization or apostille

  • For countries like the U.S., certified translations may require an apostille stamp;
  • Countries like Canada require a legalization stamp instead;
  • A legalization/apostille stamp can be obtained from the District Court at approx. €20 .