(Nederlands) spreektaal & bargoens



1. reizen & transport / travel & transport(ation)

– “he ran a light“(Scott Turow, The Laws of Our Fathers, p. 246)

– He lost the car up ahead and hung a left. (…) The SUV also turned left.(David Baldacci, King and Maxwell, ch. 43)

Michell [was]  (…) urging the cab driver to run red lights (…) and come as close as possible to sidesweeping cars
that refused to get out of the way.
(David Baldacci, King and Maxwell, ch. 45)

2. post, telecom & media / mail, telecom & media

Voorbeelden AmE:

– He just left and I got on the horn with you.(David Baldacci, King and Maxwell, ch. 30)

3. kantoor & administratie / office & office work

4. taal & drukwerk / language & printing

5. financiën, boekhouden & verzekering / finance, accounting & insurance

6. handel, bedrijfsleven & banen / trade, corporate world & jobs

Voorbeelden AmE:

– He could get his ass canned for that. [= fired] (David Baldacci, King and Maxwell, ch. 30)

7. politiek & maatschappij / politics & society

8. onderwijs & jeugd / education & youth

“cut classes” (Scott Turow, The Laws of Our Fathers, p. 112)

– “cutting school (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 8) > spijbelen

– “I still sub every now and then at Nearing High.” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 21) > werken als invalleerkracht

9. lichaam & gezondheidszorg / body & health care

Voorbeelden AmE:

– “he returned at three a.m., utterly toasted (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 6) > ladderzat

– “once Barbara croaked (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 10) >  de pijp uitgaan, de pijp aan Maarten geven

– “he had the Daddy Warbucks haircut (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 24)

– “I brought home the scrips. I put them on the shelf.” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 25) > prescriptions = doktersrecept

– “chemical dependence”(Scott Turow, The Laws of Our Fathers, p. 119)

– “substance abuse” (Scott Turow, The Laws of Our Fathers, p. 119)

10. wet, justitie, politie & veiligheid / law, justice, police & security

Voorbeelden AmE:

– “he’s been in the breeze for a year and a half now(Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 4)

– “I’m not going to let that guy sit in the can for something he didn’t do …” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 43)

– “the bangers themselves [were] often lingering near the jail” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 10) > bende-leden

– “my dad was probably worried about being nabbed with the girl he was screwing” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 25)

– “I was wondering if maybe Sabich copped to the obstruction [charge] to protect his kid.” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 43)

“You’re going to take the blame for Sabich skating.” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 43) > de dans ontspringen

“[He] has flipped, turned state’s evidence, which the gangbangers seldom do.” (Scott Turow, The Laws of Our Fathers, p. 31)

– “She flips him(Scott Turow, The Laws of Our Fathers, p. 182)

11. huisvesting & woonomgeving / housing & living environment

Voorbeelden AmE:

– “the redstone heap might have passed for a medieval castle” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 18) > vgl. BrE pile

– “the john (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 34)

– “My father put a timer on the bathroom light (…), with the result that I was frequently left, terrified, still sitting on the can

as the room went black.” (Scott Turow, The Laws of Our Fathers, p. 221)
– he’d found a can behind an old lean-to on the cabin property. (David Baldacci, King and Maxwell, ch. 76)

12. voeding & keuken / food & kitchen

Voorbeelden AmE:

“She scarfs down those pills.” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 45) >

13. kleding, accessoires & textiel / clothes, accessories & textile

Voorbeelden AmE:

– “a toup (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 10) >  a toupee, hairpiece

“a rug”

14. techniek, gereedschap & materialen / technology, tools & materials

15. landbouw & natuur / agriculture & natural world

16. sport & spel / sports & games

Voorbeelden AmE:

– “the tot lot (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 41) > the play area

17. amusement & horeca / entertainment & hospitality sector

Voorbeelden AmE:

– “on TV, you could barely hit the clicker without seeing Mo (…) on one true crime show or another.” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 18) >

the remote control

18. diversen


Voorbeelden AmE:

– “all that stuff was horse-hockey (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 4)

– “there was some bad mojo between Rusty and him.” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 6)

– “Molto could gin up some imagiend crime” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 9) > uit zijn duim zuigen (?)

“Tommy would give up a nut to get Rusty again” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 10)

– “Brand zagged through the lunch-hour traffic as if he were hopped up.” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 18)

– “he lacked Rusty’s smarts, his savvy“” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 24) >

– “At other instants I’m so righteously honked off, I feel he’s getting everything he deserved” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 26)

– “The appellate judges were gonzo when they realized this had come into the prosecutors’ hands.” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 26)

– “sometimes downright sassy, Tomaso was frequently a trial to his mother these days.” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 27)

– “Either the card was going to turn out to be a plant, in which case Sabich was slabbed …” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 435)

– “Brand was probably spitballing.” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 41)

“That’s why I was tripped out about it.” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 43)

“We go out to grab some groceries for his father.” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 44)

“She would have gone postal if I’d ever glanced at her e-mail.” (Scott Turow, Innocent, chapter 45) > uit haar dak gaan

– “It’s a doozy(Scott Turow, The Laws of Our Fathers, p. 19)

– “I have been sandbagged, backdoored and tricked.” (Scott Turow, The Laws of Our Fathers, p. 63)

– “airheads(Scott Turow, The Laws of Our Fathers, p. 125)

– “every young black person I knew seemed perpetually pissed off.(Scott Turow, The Laws of Our Fathers, p. 163)

– “More than a hundred people had gathered (…). ‘Peopkle are really pissed now. Really pissed.” (Turow, The Laws of Our Fathers, p. 270)

– “ditzy middle-aged dame” (Scott Turow, The Laws of Our Fathers, p. 145)

– “The intimacy of this detail threw me for a loop.” (Scott Turow, The Laws of Our Fathers, p. 169)

– “awesome … far-out … outta-sight (Scott Turow, The Laws of Our Fathers, p. 164)

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