(Nederlands) diverse woorden



1. (BrE) Funny ha-ha, or funny peculiar?

        (AmE) Funny ha-ha, or funny weird? (zie o.a David Baldacci, The Innocent, 2012, chapter 44)

2. envisage / envision

In het AmE komen beide varianten voor, zelfs in een boek van één en de zelfde auteur:

 Enkele voorbeelden uit de Amerikaanse roman The Laws of Our Fathers van Scott Turow:

– “I envisaged this unknown man as the father on Father Knows Best.” (p. 344)

– “I envy people who are young and envision the future as something great.”(p. 406)

– “Seth envisions him on the main street peering discontentedly into the window of his store.” (p. 568)

Uit het eerste voorbeeld lijkt het alsof hier een verschil wordt gemaakt tussen (AmE) envisage (= zich een beeld vormen van, zich voorstellen als) en (AmE) envision (= voorzien in de toekomst).

Maar uit het derde voorbeeld blijkt dat dit wellicht niet niet het geval is.

Nog een voorbeeld (AmE):
I repeatedly envision Barbara’s face … (David Baldacci, King and Maxwell, ch. 9)

3. tot en met

(IntE) to … inclusive, up to and including ….

(BrE) through to …, (to …*)

(AmE) through …

“In BrE inclusive is used to emphasize that you are including the days, motnhs, numbers, etc. mentioned, especially in formal or official situations: ‘Answer questions 8 through 12 inclusive (…)

In NAmE through is used: ‘Answer questions 8 through 12 (…)

To can be used with this meaning in BrE and NAmE: ‘The park is open from 1 May to 31 October.”

(zie ook ‘inclusive’ in OALD)

Zie ook: Fowler’s Modern English Usage (2004):

“The convenient AmE use of through to mean ‘up to and including’ (Monday through Friday) is familiar to standard speakers of BrE but is not often used by them except as a conscious Americanism.”

The BBI Combinatory Dictionary of English (3e editie, 2009) geeft de volgende Usage Note:
“The phrase ‘from Monday to Wednesday’ is ambiguous. Does the stay include Wednesday or not?

If it does, you can make that clear by saying ‘from Monday through Wednesday’ (AE)

or ‘from Monday to Wednesday inclusive’ (CE).

The phrase ‘from Monday through to Wednesday’ is esp. BE and is also somewhat ambiguous:

though it is meant typically to include Wednesday, it need not do so.”

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