(AmE) transcript = leerdossier

  • By Koop Tissingh

(AmE/CanE) transcript = study file = (EurE) transcript of records = (Ned) studievoortgangsoverzicht, leerdossier

In the USA and Canada, a “transcript” is (among other things) a certified overview of the educational courses done at school and the results obtained for each course. It contains the date at which the student has graduated, the student’s Grade Point Average (GPA), the names of the courses, the applicable course credits, and the final grades obtained.

In the European ECTS system, transcripts are called Transcript of Records (ToR). They are used to document the performance of a student over a certain period of time by listing the course units or modules taken, the credits gained, and the grades awarded. The Transcript of Records provides a standard format for recording all study activities carried out by students. It is an essential tool for academic recognition. (See wikipedia.)

Difference between (AmE) transcript and (EurE/BrE) Transcript of Records:
The European Transcript of Records only concerns higher (university) education, whereas in American it also applies to  high school education (required for
college admission).

In the United Kingdom, the word “transcript” exclusively refers to (Ned.) “transcript” (= kopie, afschrift) or “transcriptie”.
Instead of (AmE) transcript, the term study file is generally used in the United Kingdom.

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