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1. (BrE) spanner / (AmE) wrench = moersleutel
(BrE) key; (AmE) wrench = type inbussleutel
steeksleutel = (BrE) open-ended spanner; (AmE) open-end wrench, tappet wrench (met aan weerszijden een verschillende maat: double open-end wrench)
ringsleutel = (BrE) ring spanner; (AmE) closed-end wrench, ring wrench, (met aan weerszijden een verschillende ringmaat: double ring wrench)
ringsteeksleutel, combinatiesleutel = (BrE) combination spanner; (AmE) combination wrench
ratelsleutel = (BrE) ratched spanner; (AmE) ratched wrench , speed wrench , ratcheting box-wrench
dopsleutel, bussleutel = (BrE) socket spanner; (AmE) socket wrench  (vgl. hieronder: Ned. soksleutel/pijpsleutel)
verstelbare moersleutel, rolsteeksleutel, Engelse sleutel , bahco, verstelsleutel = (BrE) adjustable spanner, (vakjargon ook: shifter, AJ) ;
(AmE) , adjustable (end) wrench , C-wrench , Crescent® wrench (“crescent wrench”, zie: Grapes of Wrath)

Er zijn twee types verstelbare sleutel/tang: de ene soort (bulldog type) is vergelijkbaar met het ‘bahco’ model en wordt gebruikt als steeksleutel; het andere type (auto type) is een pijp(en)tang die voornamelijk gebruikt wordt voor het vasthouden/draaien van ronde voorwerpen/buizen (zie ook ‘pijpentang’ hieronder); de Amerikaanse monkey wrench is een oud type pijp(en)tang, dus eigenlijk is het geen verstelsleutel/bahco.

(AmE) bone wrench, dogbone wrench, combination socket bone wrench (van Reese & Miltex, USA) = “tiengatensleutel” (in Nederland op de markt gebracht als fietsenmakersgereedschap door het bedrijf Amigo, later opgegaan in AMG) soort ringsleutel (double ring wrench) met aan weerszijden 5 ringmaten (qua vorm lijkt deze sleutel wat op een bot, met twee verdikte, ronde uiteinden)

  (AmE) bone wrench

kruissleutel, wielsleutel = (BrE) wheel brace; (AmE) lug wrench, wheel wrench*

N.B. een (AmE) tire wrench is een soort ‘lug wrench’; het is dus een ‘wielsleutel’, en geen ‘bandenlichter’ (AmE: tire iron / (BrE) tyre lever / (Ned) bandenlichter); in de woordenlijst van Christopher Davies (Divided by a Common Language) worden (AmE) tire wrench en (BrE) tyre lever ten onrechte wèl als synoniemen vermeld.

pijpsleutel, soksleutel = (BrE) box spanner, tubular spanner ; (AmE) box wrench   (“a tube with 6-sided sockets on both ends. It is turned with a short length of rod (tommy bar or T bar) inserted through two holes in the middle of the tube”)

bougiesleutel (pijpsleutel/soksleutel voor bougies) = (BrE) spark-plug spanner; (AmE) spark-plug wrench

(BrE) Allen key, hex(agonal) key;
(AmE) Allen wrench, hex(agonal) wrench

(BrE) Allen keys / (AmE) Allen wrenches    (BrE) Allen key / (AmE) Allen wrench

Voorbeeld (AmE) Allen wrench:
– He (…) locked it in place using the small Allen wrench included in the bag to tighten the set screw.(…).  He tried to scratch it (…) with the sharp edge of the Allen wrench (…). (Steve Martini, Double Tap, Prologue)

stervormige sleutel (= torxsleutel) = (BrE) torx key; (AmE) torx wrench

(BrE) throw a spanner into the works = (AmE) throw a monkey wrench into the works / throw a wrench into sth. (AmE ook: to monkeywrench) = een spaak/stok in het wiel steken; iets saboteren

Voorbeeld AmE:
The social side of work is the grease that keeps the wheels turn smoothly. Handle it badly, however, and it becomes the wrench in the works.” (Emily Post’s Etiquette, 17the dition, p. 759)

(BrE/AmE) wrench
In BrE wordt de term wrench ook gebruikt (net als in AmE) voor allerlei soorten pijpentang/pijptang  (pipe wrench) en griptang (plier wrench): dit is loodgietersgereedchap voor het vasthouden of draaien van ronde voorwerpen zoals pijpen, of schroeven waarvan de kop niet in een steeksleutel past.

Voorbeelden van pijp(en)tangen /(pipe wrenches):
Stillson wrench
(soort cylinder wrench, d.w.z. een verstelsleutel, met schroef, maar dan, anders dan het bahco-type, ‘recht toe recht aan, dus met onderste grip ‘verticaal’ verstelbaar)
leader wrench (lijkt wat op de
(AmE) monkey wrench (genoemd naar de Amerikaanse uitvinder Charles Moncky) is vergelijkbaar met Stillson wrench

  pipe wrenches

thumbtorn wrench: lijkt wat op een ouderwetse waterpomptang, recht toe recht aan, zonder knik
footprints: lijkt wat op de thumbtorn wrench
chain wrench: ……

(algemene term) locking pliers =
(BrE) mole grip / Mole grip = (AmE) vise grip
plier wrenches /self-locking wrenches
(BrE) self-grip, (BrE/AmE) Mole® wrench,(BrE) lever wrench, self-locking grips, (AmE) vise-grip locking wrench, straight jaw locking pliers

  (BrE) mole grip / (AmE) vise grip

(verouderd BrE) gas grips
N.B. (BrE/AmE) basin wrench (soort sleutel, met twee opstaande pinnetjes voor montage van wasbak)
Zie ook Plumbing Encyclopaedia (auteur: Treloar), of wikipedia: link

2. kruiskopschroef/-schroevendraaier = crossed-slot screw (driver)
recessed-head screw (driver), Pozidriv (PZ), Suadriv, Phillips (head) (screwdriver). Zie wikipedia-link.

3. soorten methylalcohol /spiritus
spiritus = (BrE) methalated spirits* / meths; (AmE) wood alcohol
brandspiritus = (BrE) methalated spirits* / meths; (AmE) denatured alcohol
ontsmettingsalcohol / schoonmaakalcohol (medisch) = (BrE) surgical spirit / isopropyl alcohol; (AmE) rubbing alcohol / denatured alcohol
witte spiritus, thinner (verfverdunner) = (BrE) white spirits / thinner; (AmE) liquid solvent
(AmE) sterno = een soort/merk wood alcohol (spiritus)

4. flessengas, butagas: (BrE) Calor gas™ / (AmE) cooking gas / (AmE) butane gas
Vergelijk: LPG / propane: LPG or LP Gas is the abbreviation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas. This group of products includes saturated Hydrocarbons – Propane (C3H8) and Butane (C4H10), which can be stored/transported separately or as a mixture(link).

5. olieproducten
(aard)olie, ruwe olie = (BrE/AmE) petroleum / (BrE/AmE) crude oil / (ook: BrE) mineral oil
paraffine(olie) (laxeermiddel) = (BrE) liquid paraffin / (AmE) mineral oil
waxine (=witte, harde paraffine) = paraffin wax / (AmE) paraffin
petroleum (o.a. lampolie) = (BrE) paraffin (oil) / (BrE tractor: kerosine) / (AmE) kerosene / (AmE) lamp oil*
kerosine = (BrE/AmE) kerosine, kerosene
benzine = (BrE) petrol / (AmE) gas(oline)
mineral oil
= (BrE) aardolie / (AmE) paraffineolie (= laxeermiddel)
kerosene/kerosine = (BrE) kerosine (vliegtuigbrandstof*/tractorbrandstof) / (AmE) (ook:) petroleum lampolie

Zie ook Fowler’s Modern English Usage (2004):
“Kerosene in the US (where it is sometimes spelt -ine), Australia, and NZ is a fuel oil suitable for use in domestic lamps and heating appliances. The corresponding term in Britain is paraffin.”

In the BBC quiz-show Mastermind (13 March 2015), the difference between BrE and AmE came up:
Question: “By what name is kerosene known in Britain, especially when it is sold as fuel for oil lamps and stoves and domestic heating“.Answer: “paraffin”

Vertaaltips & dilemma’s:
Amerikaanse invloed op het Brits-Engels:
In het boek Perfectly Pure and Good van de Britse schrijfster Frances Fyfield (vertaald onder de titel “Volmaakte Onschuld” door Els van der Pluym, 1994), worden de woorden “paraffin” en “kerosene” (zo gespeld i.p.v. de in de woordenlijst genoemde Britse spelling “kerosine”) als synoniemen gebruikt in de betekenis van “petroleum“:
The bus shelter bar contained kerosene against power cuts. > (…) blikken petroleum om voorbereid te zijn op stroomonderbrekingen. (chapter 4)
Most but not all of the jars of kerosene were covered with cobwebs . > De meeste, maar niet alle blikken petroleum zaten onder de spinnenwebben. (chapter 4)
big high flames, started with (…) strips of cotton sheeting soaked in paraffin (…). > Katoenenen lakens die, te oordelen naar de doordringende lucht, gedrenkt waren in petroleum. (chapter 7)
You must not light a match William; we are covered with paraffin. > Je moet geen lucifer afsteken William, want we zitten onder de petroleum. (chapter 11)

AmE fuel terminology

(AmE) gas station

(BrE) petrol station

6. joiner / (finish) carpenter / four-by-two / two-by-four / etc.
(BrE) joiner = timmerman, meubelmaker

A joiner is a woodworker who makes and installs architectural woodwork, including things that are called “finish carpentry” and “millwork” in the USA and UK. Joiners fabricate and install building components such as doors, windows, stairs, wooden panelling, mouldings, shop cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and other wooden fittings. The skills of a joiner are somewhat intermediate between a carpenter and a cabinet maker.

The joinery and joiner usage is obsolete in the USA, although the main carpenters’ trade union still calls itself the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.

(BrE & AmE) joiner = (ook:) verenigingsmens, gezelligheidsmens, “meedoener” (Van Dale) = (BrE ook:) joiner-in*
– My sister is not a joiner.

Voorbeelden ter illustratie van het BrE gebruik:
– “I’m not much of a joiner in.  I enjoy doing things with my friends, and I’m as much up for a good night out as the next person, but when it comes to organised stuff I’d rather be somewhere else.  I didn’t rush to join lots of clubs at university, preferring to hang out on the beach, I like swimming, cycling and yoga, but have never been into team sports and as a child I joined the Brownies but quickly got bored of the rules.  I don’t really like large groups of people, preferring a good natter with two or three others.  I’m not completely socially incompetent, I can fake it most of the time, but I’d rather not have to.”(link)
– “Doris Lessing is a joiner. She walks on the marches. She joined the Communist Party (…) and off she goes and finds another group to join.” (uit het BBC-programma “Imagine” ter nagedachtenis aan Doris Lessing, op 10 dec. 2013)

In what context is joiner(y) used in AmE? (Zie wikipedia: link)

(AmE) lumber sizes / (BrE) timber sizes (zie ook note 24)

Lengtematen van timmerhout (balken, planken, en platen) worden uitgedrukt in feet. Breedte x dikte (width x depth) wordt aangeduid in inches, waarbij in het Brits-Engels het grootste getal eerst wordt genoemd (zie David Grote’s British English for American Readers, 1992: “British practice is to always put the larger number first”). Dit geldt ook voor het AusE en NzlE, evenals de metrische maten in het Nederlands. In het Amerikaans Engels is het precies andersom. Een veelvoorkomende balksoort is bijv. de (BrE/AusE/NzlE) four- by-two = (AmE) two-by-four = 100×50 metric millimetres. Een doe-het-zelver die een stevig balkje nodig heeft, vraagt daarom vaak om een two-by-four / four-by-two.

N.B. De Amerikaanse uitdrukking dringt ook de Brits Engelse spreektaal binnen. In Monty Python’s Life of Brian heeft Eric Idle het in de kruisigingsscene over een two-by-four. Daarentegen beschrijft het John Cleese personage Basil Fawlty (in de Britse tv-serie Fawlty Towers, aflevering “The Builders”) de deurpost die O’Reilly heeft gebruikt als een “four-by-two“.


(BrE) four-by-two / (AmE) two-by-four*
(BrE) four-by-two
(AmE) two-by-four
100 x 50 mm

Voorbeeld uit The Grapes of Wrath (1939) van John Steinbeck:
Pa slapped that skunk with a two-by-four“.
Uit Saving Faith van David Baldacci:
“It doesn’t matter how strong the lock is. What usually gives is the frame. A lousy two-by-four if you’re lucky.”
Voor planken geldt bijvoorbeeld (AmE) “one-by-six” als gangbare maat: “The fences were split redwood posts set in the ground with
one-by-six planks nailed halfway up connecting them.”
(The Wayward Bus, John Steinbeck, 1947, hfdst. 14)
Zie ook Fowler’s Modern English Usage (2004) onder ‘measurements’:

(BrE) 6″ x 4″ slips  = (AmE) 4″ x 6″ slips = systeemkaartjes die bijv. door lexicografen worden gebruikt.

7. (BrE) joinery = (AmE) millwork plant

(BrE) joinery

(AmE) millwork


8. (BrE) gaffer tape = ± (AmE) duck tape / (AmE) duct tape = reparatietape, “buisomwikkeltape”
(AmE) electrical tape/ (AmE) electrician’s tape = isolatieband

(BrE) gaffer tape (AmE) duct tape / duck tape

(AmE) duct tape / duck tape
duct tape

(AmE) electrical tape
10 rolls of electrical tape

N.B. in tegenstelling tot ‘duct tape’ versmelt (BrE) ‘gaffer tape’ niet met het materiaal waarop het wordt aangebracht (Chris Rae)

9. machine operator = (1) machinebestuurder, machinist op machine / (2) machinebankwerker
machinist, machinebestuurder (kraanmachinist, shovelbestuurder, heier, etc) = (AmE) equipment operator (bijv. tamping equipment operator, piledriver operator, surfacing equipment operator, construction equipment operator) , machine operator ( paving machine operator) , (BrE) (construction) plant operator (bijv. whacker plate operator, compactor operator, (tower) crane operator, etc)
machinebankwerker = machinist / machine operator / (= AmE machine tender / BrE machine minder) = ;
tegenwoordig vaak m.b.v. computer: computer control programmers/operators, CNC operators (= BrE: CNC machinist)
vgl: miller, toolmaker, engineering craft machinist

10. operator / operative
(BrE) operative = arbeider al dan niet met een vakopleiding, in lagere functie

Voorbeelden van (BrE) operative (zie Britse banensite: link):
quary operative (= quarry worker), demolition operative ( = demolition worker), recycling operative, port operative (AmE: longshoreman, BrE ook: docker) , warehouse operative (AmE: stock clerk) , textile operative, leakage operative, construction operative (= building operative, groundworker, labourer), engineering operative, vending machine operative (vuller, schoonmaker, en onderhoudsmonteur van snoep-, en sigarettenautomaten, etc.), (food) packaging operative (= machine technician; bediener van machines, of lopende-band medewerker), timber yard operative, paper manufacturing operative, water network operative, footware manufacturing operative (= schoenmaker), highway operative (= roadworker); iemand die handmatig inpakt is een packer.

(AmE) operative: functionaris in overheidsdienst, meestal een geheim agent, geen officiële functienaam
Voorbeelden (AmE) operative:
(AmE) government operative, secret service operative
“I was vaguely aware of a Beltway operative by the name of Barry Rafko or, more famously, Barry the Backhander. He had been a consultant, a strategist, an analyst, a fund-raiser and a spokesman.”
(John Grisham, The Racketeer, 2013)

operator = bediener van machine, opzichter/bewaker van bij industrieel proces;
Van Britse banensite (link): checkout operator (caissiere), (foundry) process operator, heat treatment operator, forklift truck operator, camera operator, construction plant operator (machinist, machinebestuurder)
Voorbeelden van de U.S. Department of Labor website: equipment operator, power plant operator, plant operator, system operator, (AmE) machine operator (= machinist, machine tender, BrE machine minder), computer operator, camera operator, construction equipment operator, etc.
BrE ook: telephone operator (= telephonist / swithchboard operator), call centre operator (= contact centre operator)

11. mechanic / technician / technologist / engineer: monteur, technicus, technoloog, ingenieur
mechanic = ‘monteur’ voor controle, reparaties en onderhoud van bijv. auto’s; tegenwoordig ook vaak (AmE/BrE) technician genoemd;

technician: ‘technicus’ met soms minimale (high school) opleiding (en een leerperiode in het bedrijf) of een lagere of middelbare beroepsopleiding (apprenticeship programs, informally on the job, in vocational high schools, and in community or technical colleges) met technisch ondersteunende verantwoordelijkheden (controle, reparatie, onderhoud en/of bediening van technische apparatuur), ook (in AmE) min of meer oneigenlijk/eufemistisch gebruikt voor vakgebieden die puur praktisch zijn en geen of nauwelijks enige theoretische technische kennis vereisen (bijv. AmE: ‘cleaning technician‘ =  janitor / maid, etc. (iemand die stofzuiger, tapijtreiniger, etc bedient, en een korte opleiding/bedrijfstraining heeft gehad m.b.t. toepassing van schoonmaakmiddelen en -technieken; vgl. (Ned. eufemistisch) ‘interieur verzorger/ster’ (andere ‘politiek correcte’ (AmE) functiebenamingen hiervoor zijn: Porter, Custodial technician, Sanitation supervisor, Domestic engineer , Guest Service Associate (G.S.A.), Environmental Services Associate, Care taker, Industrial Floor Maintenance Sanitation Engineer (Rite Care tm) (zie wikipedia link)
Zie ook hieronder bijv.: library technician.
De functienaam technician wordt steeds vaker gebruikt i.p.v. mechanic, repairer, maintenance man, etc.

Voorbeelden of technician:
(BrE/AmE) emergency medical technician / EMT (‘ambulancebroeder’ met lagere vakopleiding/rang/salaris dan de paramedic;de opleiding voor de functie kan variëren van EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, tot EMT-paramedic)
(AmE) (medical) technician (administers medication in long-term care setting)
(AmE) phlebotomy technician (performs venipuncture)
(AmE) library technician (library technicians both help librarians acquire, prepare, and organize material and assist users in finding information)
(AmE) pharmacy technician ( pharmacy technicians help licensed pharmacists provide medication and other health care products to patients. Technicians usually perform routine tasks to help prepare prescribed medication for patients, such as counting tablets and labeling bottles)

(AmE) automotive service technician (= mechanic: the work of automotive service technicians and mechanics has evolved from mechanical repair to a high technology job. As a result, these workers are now usually called “technicians” in automotive services and the term “mechanic” is falling into disuse)
(AmE) (heavy vehicle, etc.) service technician (= mechanic; onder andere a.g.v. van toenemende technische complexiteit van machines, is de term mechanic vaak vervangen door technician)
(AmE) service technician = (AmE) home appliance repairer (= onderhoudsmonteur van bijv. koelkast, wasmachine, etc.)
(AmE) veterinary technician (= technologist:veterinary technologists and technicians perform many of the same duties for a veterinarian that a nurse would for a physician, including routine laboratory and clinical procedures. Although specific job duties vary by employer, there often is little difference between the tasks carried out by technicians and by technologists, despite some differences in formal education and training. As a result, most workers in this occupation are called technicians.)

technologist (= technicus, technoloog): vaak synoniem met engineer, zie hieronder, en wikipedia (link), maar soms is de functie ook gelijk aan die van technician (zie boven bij veterinary technician/technologist)

Voorbeelden technologist:
(AmE) surgical technologist = (AmE) scrub / surgical technician / operating room technician = (BrE) operating department practitioner (= registered nurse in operating theatre who assists in surgical operations under the supervision of surgeons, registered nurses, or other surgical personnel).

engineer (= hoger opgeleide technicus, technoloog, of ingenieur):
Er woedt een discussie over het oneigenlijk gebruik van deze functieaanduiding (zie wikipedia, link);
In Engelstalige landen (VS, Canada, en het Verenigd Koninkrijk) is de professional engineer een ‘technoloog/ingenieur met hogere beroeps- of zelfs universitaire opleiding (vergelijk in BrE de functietitel Chartered Engineer/ Incorporated Engineer); ontwerper/ontwikkelaar van nieuwe technische toepassingen, maar ook analist/tester/controleur van bestaande techniek. Iemand met een formele hogere beroepsopleiding en bijbehorende titel (professional engineer = ing. of op academisch niveau = ir.) kan bijvoorbeeld met registered / licenced / (BrE) chartered professional engineer worden aangeduid.
Zie officiële Amerikaans overheidswebsite link:
In addition to design and development, many engineers work in testing, production, or maintenance. These engineers supervise production in factories, determine the causes of component failure, and test manufactured products to maintain quality. They also estimate the time and cost to complete projects. Some move into engineering management or into sales.

Voorbeelden van (hoger opgeleide) engineers uit de officiële banenwebsite van de V.S. link
aerospace engineer, agricultural engineer, biomedical engineer, chemical engineer, civil computer hardware engineer, electrical engineer, electronics engineer, environmental engineer, health and safety engineer, industrial engineer, marine engineer, materials engineer, mechanical engineer, mining and geological engineer, mining safety engineer, nuclear engineer, petroleum engineer.
sales engineer (AmE: bachelor’s degree in engineering usually is required to become a sales engineer. However, some workers with previous experience in sales combined with technical experience or training sometimes hold the title of sales engineer.)

De term engineer wordt ook wel oneigenlijk gebruikt en is aan ‘inflatie’ onderhevig, en wordt soms gebruikt voor vakmensen die geen hogere beroepsopleiding (minimaal vergelijkbaar met HBO, dus vergelijkbaar met Nederlandse ingenieur met ing.-titel, of universitaire ir.-titel) hebben gevolgd; zie meer voor meer info op wikipedia (link).

Voorbeeld van oneigenlijk gebruik in BrE: the term ‘engineer’ is often mistakenly used to describe a technician or a person that mends and operates machinery. A notable example was on Page 8 of the 2001 UK Census Form, where one of the example job titles listed was “Television Service Engineer” (link). (This is in contrast to mainland Europe, where engineering is seen as comparable to other professions such as medicine and architecture)
Idem m.b.t. AmE: the term “field engineer” is often used to describe manufacturers’ (or third party) supplied installers and/or maintainers of (complex) equipment at a user’s site. However, they are not commonly degreed engineers.

Meer voorbeelden
(zie officiële banenwebsite van U.S. link):
stationary engineers (vgl. boiler operators): usually acquire their skills through a formal apprenticeship program or through on-the-job training supplemented by courses at a trade or technical school.
IT/computer systems engineer
security engineer
Let ook op het AmE gebruik voor de bestuurder van een specifiek voertuig (bijv. trein of brandweerauto):
(AmE) railroad engineer / (train) engineer = (BrE/AmE) train driver = (BrE) engine driver
(AmE) ship’s engineer
(AmE) flight engineer (vgl. pilot)
(AmE) fire engineer (= a firefighter whose job is to drive the fire apparatus and, if it has an onboard water supply, to stay with the engine and operate the pumps so that the firefighters on the hose can have enough water to put out the fire)
Zie ook:
engineering technician (wikipedia: link)
engineering technologist (wikipedia: link)

12. calculator, kostencalculator, bestekmaker
(BrE) quantity surveyor = calculator, bestekmaker (meestal BrE, lid van de Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).
Estimator = vaak een Quantity Surveyor die onder de verantwoordelijkheid van een Chief Estimator werkt
In een aantal Engelstalige landen gebruikt men de term “contracts engineer”.
Andere benamingen zijn: “costs estimator” / “costs engineer”.

13. gipsplaat
(algemeen:) drywall, gypsum board, wallboard, plasterboard
(AmE) Sheetrock, rock lath
(NzlE, handelsmerk van Winstone Wallboard) Gibraltar board, GIB wall and ceiling linings
(Zie ook Wikipedia)

14. plamuur- en pleisterwerk
grindpleister = (BrE) pebble dash / (AmE) pebble-coated stucco
plamuur = (BrE) Polyfilla™ / (AmE) spackle

15. geluidsdemper
op auto-uitlaat: (BrE) silencer / (AmE) muffler
op vuurwapen: silencer / (AmE ook:) suppressor (on the gun’s muzzle) / suppressor can / can

Voorbeelden (AmE) suppressor = silencer = (Ned.) geluidsdemper op vuurwapen
– “she saw the gun muzzle with a suppressor can (…) a can on the rifle muzzle”
(David Baldacci, True Blue)

– “A Glock pistol with a suppressor can attached” (David Baldacci, The Innocent,  chapter 1)
Like the man use to make my suppressors? (…) same thing as a silencer (….) (Elmore Leonard,  Rum Punch, chapter 14)

Voorbeeld (AmE) muffler = geluidsdemper op uitlaat:
I suspect it’s like those bikers who disconnect their mufflers. (Jonathan Franzen, The Corrections, “The Generator”)

16. gin (afgeleid van ‘engine’) had oorspronkelijk de algemene betekenis van ‘een apparaat’ (= device)
(BrE) a gin = a gin trap = een val in de vorm van een grote metalen klem bedoeld voor klein wild zoals ratten, konijnen, die vroeger veel op het platteland werd gebruikt voor het vangen van o.a. konijnen (ook door stropers); een apparaat dat niet meer geproduceerd, verkocht en gebruikt mag worden.
(AmE) gin =  a cotton gin = (Ned) ‘egreeneermachine’, d.w.z. een ontkorrelmachine voor ruw, pasgeplukt katoen; een eind 18e eeuw uitgevonden apparaat, met name in gebruik in de Zuidelijke VS; het apparaat (‘engine‘) kon oorspronkelijk zowel met de hand als met paardenkracht worden aangedreven; later werd mens- en paardenkracht vervangen door stoom-, diesel- en elektrische motoren; het apparaat wordt o.a. genoemd in John Grishams A Painted House (gesitueerd op het platteland van Arkansas).

(BrE) gin
(BrE) gin = gin trap = (Ned) val

  (AmE) gin  (AmE) gin
(AmE) gin = cotton gin = (ook:) gin mill = (Ned) egreneermachine

a gin = naast bovengenoemde betekenissen (afgeleid van ‘engine’), heeft ‘gin’ natuurlijk ook de algemene betekenis van ‘een glas gin’, naast allerlei slang-betekenissen (AmE: ‘black prostitute’, ‘cocaine’, ‘street fight between youth gangs’; AusE: ‘aboriginal woman’)

17. overig technisch jargon

Zie ook: Penguin’s Dictionary of Building, 4th ed., repr. 1995
BrE AmE Ned.

above/below ground level

access cover/eye, inspection fitting

soot door

brick axe, axe, bricklayer’s hammer


bar setting



spigot-and-socket joint

bar bender, (bending tool)


blinding concrete


blockboard, lamin board

common brick


coach screw

pipe tongs, footprints

separating wall, party wall

masonry nail

downpipe, downcomer, rainwater pipe

jack rafter (for a hipped end)

edge bend, spring, (warping of timber)

herring-bone strutting

door lining

draw cable, draw wire


dust dry

pendant fitting

engineering brick

facing brick, facings

face edge, working edge

fire barrier

fire-resisting glass

fire riser

flat arch, straight arch

French arch, soldier arch



floor clip, bulldog clip

flushing valve

timber-frame construction

service lift, trunk lift

supply and fix

mansard roof, curb roof

(total) going (of a flight of stairs)

formation level, ground level, gradient

saddle-jib crane

(safety) helmet


lift shaft, lift well


hose union tap, hose cock


socketless pipe, unsocketed pipe

in-situ concrete


jerkin-head roof, hipped gable,

      shread head

(building) site

(building) specification

finish carpentry

machine shop


rainwater header/hopper

withe, tier

string course*, band course

vent pipe

TV distribution

time distribution, time system

plant room




cavity wall

glazing bar, mullion

slam buffer

perpend stone

piano hinge

pisé, pisé de terre

eaves lining, soffit board

secret gutter

shiplap boards

barrel nipple

(pipe) socket

socket outlet

footplate, ground sill, mud sill,

     sole piece

spread and level


surface box

trimmed joist

tilting fillet, doubling piece, skew fillet


trimmer joist*


water fittings



window board*, (ScE: sillboard)


above/below grade


ashpit door, cleanout door

axhammer, ax

gravel (ballast)


glazing bar

batter board

bell-and-spigot joint


bevel siding, clapboard

slope concrete


(staved) lumber core

building brick


lag bolt

combinations, combination pliers

common wall

concrete nail

downspout, conductor, leader




door buck, door casing

fish tape

duplex apartment

dust free


engineered brick

face brick

work edge

fire block

fire window


jack arch


floater, finishing trowel


sleeper clip


frame house

freight elevator

furnish and install

gambrel roof

run (of a flight of stairs)

grade (level)

hammerhead crane


head joint


rock pocket

sill cock


hubless (joint) pipe

cast-in-place concrete


clipped gable


job site, worksite

job specification


millwork plant, planing mill


leader head, conductor head


ledgement, belt course

loop vent

master antenna system

master clock system

mechanical room

modification, change

mopboard, washboard,

     baseboard, sub-base

multi-unit wall


mute, rubber silencer


continuous hinge

rammed earth construction

plancier piece

concealed valley

shiplap siding

shoulder fitting, shoulder nipple

(pipe) bell


abutment piece




valve box


cant strip

transom window

(also:) header





(also:) (window) stool

Z-bar, zee-bar

boven/beneden het maaiveld






astragaal, stijlband

profiel, bouwplank


pijpenbuiger, buigijzer

houten buitenbekleding, beschot

werkvloer (bij betonconstructies)

blaar (in pleisterwerk)


mestelsteen, bouwsteen

gevelbeplating, wandbekleding

hamerbout, houtschroefbout, etc.

knipbuigtang, combinatietang

mandelige/woningscheidende muur



dakspar, keper, schoorbalkje

kromtrekken (van hout)

andreaskruis, dwarskoppeling



duplexwoning, maisonnette




schoon/zichtbaar metselwerk



hittebestendig glas

standbuis, standpijp

strekse boog (boven venster)

verhoogde boog

strijkbord (metselgereedschap)



vlotterafsluiter (in stortbak)


dienstlift, goederenlift

leveren en plaatsen

mansarde-dak, gebroken dak

aantrede (van een trap)

kroonlijn, maaiveld



stootvoeg, dwarsvoeg

liftschacht, liftkoker


gevelkraan, slangkraan

mof, sok, bus (van een pijp/buis)

kraagloze pijp

in-situ beton, gestort beton






fijn timmerwerk, schrijnwerk

fabriekshal, machinehal



1 halfsteenswand van spouwmuur

uitstekende laag stenen

ontluchtingspijp, ventilatiepijp

centraal antennesysteem



afwijking, verschil

plint, vloerlijst



tussenstijl, middelpost/-stijl




plakwerk (bekleding van talud)

bekistingsplank (?)

verholen goot


dubbele nippel (met schroefdraad)

kraag (van buis)

contactdoos, stopcontact


       slof, sloof



afsluiterhuis, klepkast

inbalking, ingelaten balk

mastiekrib, schuimhout

bovenlicht (bijv. boven deur)




lichte verhoging in vensterbank

   of  metselwerk voor waterafvoer


Z-vormige stang

Zie ook: Penguin’s New Dictionary of Civil Engineering, 2005

BrE AmE Ned.

foul sewer*

ground beam



raft foundation

pressure line, piezometric head line





S-shaped beam*



boulder clay

set square

expanded metal lathing

plot ratio


light-loss factor, LLF


(usually:) skirting trunking


stable door

tilting/skew fillet, doubling piece

(also:) sanitary sewer

grade beam

street inlet

intensity of stress

mat foundation

hydraulic grade line

(rail) tie




(also:) narrow flange beam

gage height


till, tillite


wire lath

floor area ratio


dirt-depreciation factor


plugmold, wireway, raceway,

baseboard trunking

Dutch door

cant strip


deurdorpel, deurdrempel




drukleiding, persleiding, druklijn






gemiddel laagwaterpeil

standaardisatie-instituut (± NEN)


winkel-/schrijfhaak, tekendriehoek


vloer/terreinverhouding, bebouwingspercentage (?)


      (m.b.t. verlichting)

(kabel) plintgoten


onderdeur met bovendeur

mastiekrib, zoomlat, knijp/knelplank


18. terminologie uit woningbouw, aanbesteding, etc.

BrE AmE Ned.




assessment of tender responses

bill of quantities, BQ, BOQ
(= quantabestek)

variation order


collusive tendering

damages for delay

employer, client

site instruction

site engineer

gross features

instructions to tenderers

selected tenderer

lowest tender

preliminaries, preliminary expenses

open tendering


project manager, client’s representative

schedule of outstanding works

    schedule of defects, snagging list


public services

by-laws, (local building laws)

plot, site

boundary line


base bid

alternate proposal

bid tabulation

bill of materials
(= stuklijst)

change order

(local authority)

bid collusion, bid rigging

penalty clause


field order

field superintendant


notice to bidders

invited bidder

low bid

mobilization costs

open bidding

progress chart

construction program manager

punch list




building codes


lot line





bestek, (quantabestek, stuklijst op
technische tekening)

opdracht afwijkend v/h contract (?)


illegale prijsafspraak

boete(clausule) voor te laat opleveren




instructies voor aanbesteders


laagste inschrijving


open aanbesteding



gebrekenlijst, restpuntenlijst




bouwverordeningen, -voorschriften




19. overige termen (zie: Penguin’s Building Dictionary & New Dictionary of Civil Engineering)

BrE AmE Ned. (?)

permanent formwork/-shuttering


backdrop, sewer chimney

pitch-fibre pipe


solid bridging, solid strutting

pocket, box-out


bullet-head nail

joiner’s finish


coursed squared rubble

(chimney) saddle

(prefab) manhole channel



dead end

draught stabalizer, draught diverter

dry riser

eaves course

bush hammer



fit-out, fitting out

enclosed stair, protected stair





ground slab

gypsum plank


expanded clay


hollow clay block

(hot) bonding component

inverted roof, protected membrane roof

Italian tiling

(1) mission tile, (2) single lap tile,

     (3) Roman tile

joinery fittings


lead safe*

lift controls

loft ladder, disappearing stair


motorized barrow, meachanical barrow

nailing strip, nailing block

nail punch*, nail set*

natural/initial ground level

close string

solid wood floor

foot cut

plugging chisel, plugging drill

regular coursed rubble


tray, pan




base shoe






twin-shaft paddle mixer



wye (= T-stuk)



formation time




gravitational water


(cemented) glacial drift






bent-up bar

toe line, toe level





absorptive form, sacrificial form

appurtenance works

sewer chimney

bituminized fiber pipe

bleeder pipe, bleeder tile

block bridging


bonding capacity

finish nail

carpenter’s finish

cheek cut

random ashlar


cunette channel

dap, dapping

force account

false exit

barometric damper

dry standpipe

starting course

facing hammer

fillister, sash filllister

finish hardware


fire tower


foot cut, plate cut, seat cut




board lath

hanging gutter



structural clay tile

hot stuff

i.r.m. assembly

pan and roll tiles

Spanish tile



larrying (up)

(also:) dip sink



mechanic’s lien

buggy, concrete cart


(also:) brad punch

natural grade

notch board

open cornice

plate cut, seat cut

star drill

range masonry, coursed ashlar,

range work


finish hardware

rough hardware

sanitary shoe

shoe mold

slag strip

slushed-joint method

stock lumber

storm door

structural glass

twin pug


valley jack

Y-branch (= Y-verloop),

       yoke (= klomkrans)

(also:) interlock

(final) grade



gravity axis

gravity water



intake heading


   (= one thousand pounds weight)

on center


slant bar

tip grade


(also:) wale

(also:) wide flange beam




































20. slang words & colloquialisms

Ned. BrE AmE
dingetje (IntE: thingummy, thingamabob, thingumajig, thingy) gubbins, doings, doodah watchammacallit, thingamagigs, gadget, doohickey, gizmo, doodad, dealie, dealy, dealy-bop, deal, widget
hapering, kink (in de kabel) hitch glitch
addertje onder het gras snag catch
schroot scrap junk
kunst en vliegwerk   (fix sth with) paper clips and pull ties

21. (BrE) Heath Robinson = (AmE) Rube Goldberg = een ingewikkelde, onpraktische constructie/uitvinding/oplossing/machine/etc.
Uit het Amerikaanse tijdschrift Time  (1 feb. 2010): “The Rube Goldberg machinery of governance in Washington was just too convoluted and rust-ridden to handle something so huge in one giant bite.”

22. technische beroepen (spreektaal)
(BrE) bricky = bricklayer = metselaar
(BrE) chippy = carpenter = timmerman
(BrE) sparky = leckyman, leccy = electrician = electriciën
(BrE) panel beater = (AmE) bodyman = plaatwerker, uitdeuker, carrosseriehersteller

23. (AmE) excelsior = (BrE) woodwool = (Ne). zaagsel
Voorbeelden (AmE) excelsior:
Doc walked quietly down the stairs and into the cellar. Frankie was in the excelsior box burrowed down clear to the bottom, with the pile of excelsior on top of him. (John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row , 1945)
– Against the far wall four wooden crates, three of which were open, (…) lost in a sea of excelsior. (…) He replaced the urn and swept a pile of raffia and excelsior from the shelf onto the floor. (Steve Martini, The Simeon Chamber, chapter 12)

24. timber / lumber
(BrE) timber = (AmE) lumber = (op maat gezaagd, afgewerkt) timmerhout
(BrE) lumber = overtollig materiaal, overtollig meubilair, rommel (= AmE/BrE: junk)

(AmE) timber = (1) hout op stam, opgaand hout, productiebos, productiebomen (vergelijk AmE) timberline = boomgrens = (IntE/BrE) tree line)
                             (2) grof hout, boomstam, balk, a piece of lumber larger than 4 x 6 inches)
                             Zie ook: timber business, timberland, timber rights/leases
(AmE) lumber = timmerhout (zie ook: lumberyard, lumber mill)

(AmE) Timber! = Van onderen! Pas op, vallende boom!

(BrE/IntE) treeline* = (AmE) timberline

Opmerking mb.t. (AmE) treeline / timberline:
Formeel gesproken is er in het Amerikaans-Engels een verschil tussen ‘treeline’ en ‘timberline‘.
Vergelijk (BrE/IntE) ‘treeline’ en ‘forest line’.
(AmE) treeline = boomgrens = de grens waarboven geen enkele boom meer kan groeien
(AmE) timberline = (BrE/IntE) forest line = boomgrens = de grens waarboven geen normale boomgroei, d.w.z. van gegroepeerde bomen, met een gesloten bladerdek / bossen meer mogelijk is, maar nog wel van individuele, in hun groei geremde bomen (zie “trees growing between the timberline and the treeline are typically stunted”)




(AmE) yard lumber = gesorteerd, geschaafd, en op maat gezaagd hout
(AmE) dimension lumber = ongeschaafd, op maat gezaagd hout

Voorbeelden van (AmE) timber / (AmE) lumber:
– “The land around it was thick with hardwoods, valuable timber Seth had mortgaged repeatedly and parlayed into wealth.”(John Grisham, Sycamore Row, ch. 1)
– “He said he was in the lumber and timber business; owned some sawmills in Alabama (…).” (John Grisham, Sycamore Row, ch. 1)
– “Seth was back in the timber and lumber business.” (John Grisham, Sycamore Row, ch. 5) [= bosbouw en houtverwerkingsindustrie]
– “[H]e borrowed heavily (…) to buy a big lumber mill near Dothan, Alabama. I was working there, buying timber (…).”(John Grisham, Sycamore Row, ch. 8)
– “More factories, more lumber mills, more timber leases” (John Grisham, Sycamore Row, ch. 8) [timber leases = houtkapvergunningen]
– “Seth bought (…) lumberyards and saw mills, along with thousands of acres of timber.” (John Grisham, Sycamore Row, ch. 8)
– “Mr. Hubbard had once had extensive holdings in lumber, furniture, and timber rights throughout the Southeast. “(John Grisham, Sycamore Row, ch. 10)
– “(…) acres of raw timber were on the right.” (John Grisham, Sycamore Row, ch. 14)
– “[H]e stayed busy that week trying to sell three tracts of timberland in South Carolina.” (John Grisham, Sycamore Row, ch. 42)
– “The following morning he sold the timberland in South Carolina for a substantial loss. ” (John Grisham, Sycamore Row, ch. 45)
– “We had eighty acres. (…) Most of it was in timber, but there was some farmland my grandfather had cleared.” (John Grisham, Sycamore Row, ch. 46)
He cuts timber part-time. (John Grisham, Gray Mountain, ch. 9)

– Lindeen came up a steep slope through scattered timber onto a hogback ridge that forced him eastward. Riding the narrow ledge between that ridge and the lower timber, he finally halted (…), looking down across steep timber north and west (…). The horse stood just in the edge of the timber just below him (…). (E.B. Mann, Troubled Range, chapter 2)
– They came out of the dark timber into a soft afternoon glow (…). (E.B. Mann, Troubled Range, chapter 4)
– That’s timbered country, and hilly (…). (E.B. Mann, Troubled Range, chapter 11)
– It was past noon when Lindeen came through scrubby timber (…). This was at the end of five hours of circuitous riding through rough country full of (…) deep thickly timbered canyons (…). (E.B. Mann, Troubled Range, chapter 12)
– He dropped into screening timber and felt better. (…) He came down out of the timber into a canyon (…). But a gun spoke to him out of the high timber to the westward (…). A rifle cracked viciously above him and behind him and Lindeen turned in the saddle and laid two fast shots into that suddenly populous timber. (…) But men came popping out of the timber behind him now (…). (E.B. Mann, Troubled Range, chapter 13)
– Lindeen could see how that landslide had ripped the slope clean of brush and timber. (…) he came abruptly to the bluff (…), seeking an arrayo that would let him down onto the timbered benches. (E.B. Mann, Troubled Range, chapter 15)
– A voice spoke to him out of a tangle of timber off to the southward (…). Two riders came down to them out of the timber (…). There was timber here and steep country and he felt the horse under him labor. (E.B. Mann, Troubled Range, chapter 17)
– He cursed and spurred west, up-slope and into thin timber (…). He came out of the timber into bright moonlight (…). There was timber here and black shadow. (…) Ahead of him, in the timber, he could hear Cramer’s voice (…). Lindeen swerved a little, taking to the timber in preference to the open trail along the bottom of the canyon. (E.B. Mann, Troubled Range, chapter 18)
– The land dropped off steeply at the foot of the canyon and this was Dyker’s Hole: a great cup, steep-sided but not sheer, the sharp slopes timbered in some places, naked in others. (E.B. Mann, Troubled Range, chapter 18)
– He saw the two riders just as he came out of the timber into the edge of the clearing (…). (E.B. Mann, Troubled Range, chapter 20)

– “We had a good hurricane season, lots of demand for plywood and lumber.” (John Grisham, Sycamore Row, ch. 8)
– “He’s a longtime employee at the lumberyard.” (John Grisham, Sycamore Row, ch. 42)
– “He would have shown an enthusiatic burst of interest in lumber and furniture.” (John Grisham, Sycamore Row, chapter 38)
– “More huricanes meant more property damage and demand for lumber.” (John Grisham, Sycamore Row, ch. 42)
– He was a lumberman by vocation. (Steve Martini, Critical Mass, chapter 9)
– Joseph died of a heart attack at the wheel of a lumber truck on its way to San Jose (…). (Steve Martini, The Simeon Chamber, chapter 1)
– (…) there were too many of them (…) who came running over from the supply detail and grabbed hunks of lumber and started clubbing at the two wild men. (Elmore Leonard, Forty Lashes Less One, chapter 5)

– [The cabin was] a rustic square made of old timbers. (John Grisham, Gray Mountain, ch. 28)
– [T] he ground floor was constructed of stone and heavy timbers.
– The rest looked for work in a lumber industry now decimated by federal timber policies. ( Steve Martini, Critical Mass, chapter 14)
– the hundred-year-old timbers that he had salvaged from some closed-down mill in Colorado. (Steve Martini, The Jury, chapter 8)
– The last compromise between environmentalists and the White House on timber harvests for federal land closed all the mills. (Steve Martini, Critical Mass, chapter 9)
– The recent rains had run off the barn and started to run back under the foundation timbers, gouging out a hole. (Louis L’Amour, Hondo, chapter 1)
– He rode north into that black-cuting canyon and saw the mouth of a stope at the far end of it; a black square hole with heavy timbers jutting out under the loose rubble of the upper slope. (…) He stood close to the timbers and sent his shout down the black slant of the tunnel (…)He pressed close to the timber. (…) Logan said, ‘I’ve got four sticks planted here at the base of the timbering. Get back from that rat-hole before they shoot you. (E.B. Mann, Troubled Range, chapter 18)

Voorbeeld van (BrE) lumber:
– [T]hey heaved the usual lumber out of the shop (…) [T]he old couple were (…) carrying indoors all the junk they had put outside.
(Frances Fyfield, Blind Date, chapter 10)

25. (AmE) pry = (BrE)prise/prize
(BrE) prise, prize = (AmE) pry off, pry open= openwrikken, loswurmen
(BrE/AmE/figuurlijk) pry into, pry out of = (1) ontfutselen, (2) zich bemoeien (met)

The BBI Combinatory Dictionary of English (3e editie, 2009) geeft de volgende Usage Note:
“‘to pry into sb’s affairs” = (BrE/AmE) zich bemoeien met andermans zaken = zijn neus in andermans zaken steken

Voorbeeld BrE:
– Someone had prized open his fist (…). (Frances Fyfield, Blind Date, chapter 17)
You and me both, said his mother, unable to prise away either her arms from his or his from hers (…) (Frances Fyfield, Deep Sleep, ch. 12)
Quiet child, Ryan thought. Fit as a monkey, and, given the task of prizing secrets out of his little head. (Frances Fyfield, Shadows on the Mirror, ch. 9)
She tried to prise it open, broke her nails on the edge. (Frances Fyfield, The Art of Drowning, ch. 20)

I would smooth my hair if I could prise my fingers apart. (Frances Fyfield, A Question of Guilt, ch. 11)
He could no more have prised himself from her side than he could have leapt over the moon. (Frances Fyfield, Looking Down, ch. 10)
– It took painful seconds to prise her fingers away. (P.D. James, Original Sin, chapter 46)
– He prised the sheet of paper from the railing. (P.D. James, Original Sin, chapter 46)
Gently, William prised away the tea-cloth. (Frances Fyfield, Staring at the Light, chapter 3)
jaws locked (…) until prised apart or the hand torn away. (Frances Fyfield, Staring at the Light, chapter 9)
William prised himself away from the wall. (Frances Fyfield, Staring at the Light, chapter 14)

Voorbeelden AmE:
pry secrets out of an old white man (John Grisham, Sycamore Row, ch. 35)

– Stella pried his hands off ….(Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, Trial by Fire, ch. 13)
– Stella tried to pry his arm off but the man was too strong. (Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, Trial by Fire, ch. 15)
– He inserted the crowbar and pried it open. (Stephen Frey, The Insider, ch. 22)
– Fletcher could pry himself away (…) (Steve Martini, The Simeon Chamber, chapter 11)

koevoet = (IntE) crow bar = (AmE ook) pry bar
Voorbeeld (AmE) pry bar:
Joselyn could see the tool marks in the paint where a pry bar had been inserted. (Steve Martini, Critical Mass, chapter 17)

26. (AmE) trade names/brands often used in a generic way:
Vaak moeten deze woorden met een hoofdletter geschreven omdat het nog steeds ‘registered trade marks” zijn.
De APA style guide kan hierover uitsluitsel geven.


– Stanley knife 
– X-acto Knife 
– Spyder-Co knife
– Porta-John 
– Allen wrench 
– Crescent wrench
– Stillson wrench
– Mole wrench
– Phillips(head) screwdriver
– Pozidriv (PZ)
– Suadriv
– Formica 
– Bondo 
– Sheetrock 
– Plexiglass
– Mace 
– Spackle


– Kleenex
– Band-Aid
– Zantac
– Tums 
– Rolaids 
– Advil
– Tylenol
– Novocain
– Q-Tips
– Chapstick


– Filofax
– Xerox
– Acco clip
– Magic Marker
– Scotch tape
– Wite-Out
– Post-It


– Saran wrap
– Reynolds wrap
– Iglo cooler
– Hoover
– Kerr jar
– Ball-jar
– Mason jar
– Ventahood
– Windex
– Dumpster
– Thermos 


– Windbreaker 
– Spandex
– Lycra 
– Velcro 
– Stetson 

food & drink

– Jell-O
– Oreo (cookies)
– Dixie cup
– Kool-Aid
– Popsicle
– Coke
– Styrofoam (cups)

 toys & games

– Frisbee
– Crayolas
– the Slinger
– Ferris Wheel
– Play-Doh
– Hoola Hoop
– Rollerblades
– Ping Pong


– a Suburban
– Laundromat
– Zamboni
– a Quonset (hut)
– a Five-and-Dime
– Energizer Bunny
– Jacuzzi (tub)
– Hide-A-Bed
– Murphy bed
– Realtor
– Weed Eater
– Bush Hog
– Astro Turf 

tools & materials
– Stanley knife (= utility knife, box knife)
– X-acto Knife = surgical knife, hobby knife

– Spyder-Co knife
– Porta-John = portable toilet
– Allen wrench / (BrE) Allen key = hex key = (Ned) imbussleutel
– Crescent wrench
– Stillson wrench = cylinder wrench
– Mole wrench / (BrE) Mole grip
– Phillips(head)  screwdriver / Phillips screw / Pozidriv (PZ) /  Suadriv = kruiskopschroevendraaier / kruiskopschroef
– Formica = decorative laminate
– Bondo = plastic body-filler: “a Bondo-fendered car”
– Sheetrock (wall) = drywall = (Ned) gipsplaat
– Plexiglass = acrylic glass, polymethyl methacrylate
– Mace = tear gas = traangas
– Spackle = (BrE) Polyfilla™ = (Ned.) plamuur: “Spackle-covered”

kitchen & homecare
– Saran wrap

– Reynolds wrap (also refer to: Food & Kitchen note 50)
– Iglo cooler
– Hoover = vacuum cleaner
– Kerr jar = (BrE) Kilner jar = (Ned) weckfles: Kerr quart jar, Kerr pint jar
– Ball-jar = (BrE) Kilner jar = weckfles (Dan Brown)
– Mason jar = (BrE) Kilner jar = weckfles
– Ventahood = (Ned) afzuigkap
– Windex = (Ned) Glassex
– Dumpster = (Ned.) klico
– Thermos = vacuum flask

office equipment
– Filofax = personal organizer

– Xerox
– Acco clip = binder clip = (BrE) foldback clip
– Magic Marker = Sharpie = permanent marker
– Scotch tape = (BrE) Sellotape = cellophane tape
– Wite-Out = correction fluid = (BrE) Typ-Ex = (AusE) Liquid Paper = (Ned) typex
– Post-It = sticky paper

toys & games
– Frisbee = flying disk
– Crayolas (= crayons)
– the Slinger = (Ned. kermisattractie: de zweef)
– Ferris Wheel = big wheel = (Ned) reuzenrad
– Play-Doh = (BrE) Plasticine = modeling clay
– Hoola Hoop = toy hoop
– Rollerblades = inline skates
– Ping Pong = tabletennis

food & drink
– Jell-O
– Oreo (cookies)
– Dixie cup = paper cup: “a Dixie cup of water” (Steinbeck)
– Kool-Aid: “drinking the Kool-Aid” (Baldacci = in gladde praatjes geloven) = limonadepoder
– Popsicle = ice pop = (BrE) ice(d) lolly = lollipop = (AusE) icy pole = (Ned) ijslollie, waterijsje
– Coke = cola, pop
– Styrofoam (cups) = foam plastic = (Ned) piepschuim(bekers)

clothes & textile
– Windbreaker = (BrE) windcheater = (Ned) windjack
– Spandex = elastane = (Ned) stretchstof, elastaan
– Lycra = elastane = (Ned) stretchstof, elastaan
– Jockey shorts, Jockey briefs, Jockeys = (BrE) Y-Fronts = (Ned) herenonderbroek
– Velcro = (Ned) klitterband: “she had Velcroed the flashlight around her head”(Baldacci)
– Stetson = cowboy hat

home & furniture
– Jacuzzi (tub) – whirlpool bath
– Hide-A-Bed
– Murphy bed = fold-away (bed)

finance & commerce
– Realtor = real estate agent

medicine & bodycare
– Kleenex = (paper) tissue
– Band-Aid = (BrE) Elastoplast
– Zantac = (Ned.) Rennie, Strepsil, maagzuurremmer, maagtablet: “the inevitable Zantac moment” (Turow)
– Tums = (Ned.) Rennies, Strepsils, maagzuurremmers, maagtabletten
– Rolaids = (Ned.) Rennies, Strepsils, maagzuurremmers, maagtabletten (Taylor Rosenberg)
– Advil = (Ned) paracetamol, pijnstiller, Aspirine: “he took three Advil” (Baldacci)
– Tylenol = paracetamol

– Novocain = novocaine = (Ned.) pijnstiller
– Q-Tips = cotton swabs = (BrE) cotton buds = (AusE) cotton tips
– Chapstick = lip balm

garden & agricuture
– Weed Eater = (Ned) randjesmaaaier, grastrimmer, strimmer
– Bush Hog = rotary cutter = (Ned) (type) cyclomaaier

– Astro Turf = artificial turf

– a Suburban = SUV
– Laundromat = coin laundry
– Zamboni = ice resurfacer
– a Quonset (hut) = (BrE) Nissen hut / Romney hut
– a Five-and-Dime: “the five-and-dime” (Turow)
– Energizer Bunny = (Ned) Duracel konijn

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