standard word rate (€0.18 + VAT)
This rate (based on a digital word count by Microsoft Word) applies if the work is done within normal working hours. For assignments up to 10,000 words, this is typically 1 to 2 weeks.

discount rate (€ 0.12 – € 0.17 + VAT)
This price typically applies to larger assignments (over 10,000 words) if no rush is required. The reduction percentage depends on the lay-out requirements as well as on the degree of simple and/or repetitive words used.

flat rate (€ 50 / € 35 + VAT)
This is applicable to short standard documents with a specific lay-out (e.g. diplomas, certificates, lists of grades, official extracts). In the event of multiple documents, the higher price applies to the first document, and the lower price to each subsequent document.

minimum rate (€ 35 + VAT)
This is applicable to small, simple translation assignments (up to approx. 250 words).

revision price (€ 72/hr + VAT)
The price for revising English texts is calculated on the basis of the hourly rate. For a ‘standard’ revision, the revision speed is typically 1500 words per hour. This includes a check of spelling, grammar, style, and content.

rush rate (+ 50%)
This is applicable to the fastest turnaround option, which may require extra work after business-hours (50% overtime premium as compared to the standard rate).

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